Women's Health Physical Therapy


Specializing In:

Stress/Urge/Mixed Incontinence    Diastasis Recti    Pelvic Organ Prolapse  Pelvic Pain   

The Incontinent Athlete   Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction 

 Low Back Pain    Hip Pain

   Abdominal Dysfunction    SI Joint Dysfunction    Neck Pain    Joint Sprains

   Muscle Strains   


As women, we experience physical changes in life due to pregnancy, injury, or natural aging that can affect quality of movement and how we function.  Women's health issues such as incontinence and pelvic pain are common and can be difficult to talk about and even more difficult to know where to go for help.   Musculoskeletal conditions due to acute injury or chronic pain can make even the simplest activities seem challenging.    Physical therapists are valuable resources in your course of treatment with these and other conditions.  At Epoch, we realize these changes can interfere with your goals to be your BEST you and are dedicated to helping you heal, recover, and safely progress to high levels of function and fitness.


1:1 Personalized care at each session with experienced physical therapist

Comprehensive initial evaluation to ensure each client receives quality assessment and treatment at FIRST visit. 

Evidence-based treatment strategies utilizing current "hands-on" approach to care.  

 Specializing in soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular techniques), postural training, exercise prescription, NMES, and Biofeedback.

Holistic philosophy to treatment, looking at the WHOLE  person and the unique goals of each client. 

Each session is 60 minutes, 1x/week; at Epoch, we know your time is valuable and plan each session with your busy life in mind, providing efficient treatment sessions and sustainable home programs to maximize results.

We are a Direct Access provider -  NO prescription needed from a doctor for up to 30 days of treatment